Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Results of May 2nd Production Canning

Results of May 2nd production canning  
Canning started at 5:45pm finished by 9:45pm. There were two canners working with a little help from Janet’s daughter Madeleine and her friend Bridget.
Janet of Facility Kitchens produced chocolate syrup and pork and beans. Diane Devereaux of the Canning Diva produced Dill Baby Carrots and Pickled garlic cloves.
The beans and pork:  The beans for two batches were started first using different beans in each batch. The beans were pre-cooked according to the recipe before the session to save time.  Batch #1 used Meijer Naturals organic navy beans. Batch #2 used Shady Side Farm organic heirloom Nuña beans.  Shady Side Farm suggested Nuña beans because under high temperature the beans soften and still hold their shape.  (Their other tip was, sometimes beans do not soften if the tomato sauce is added before cooking. This recipe cooks the beans before adding the tomato sauce.) For the sauce, the amounts of ingredients were doubled over the recipe to make sure to have enough sauce.
Tally-Ho! Output: 17 pints of beans, 0 failures
The chocolate sauce: When the canner was clicking smoothly, the chocolate syrup was started with a doubled recipe to make two batches in separate pots.  The jars were filled and water bathed for 15 minutes.
Tally-Ho! Output:  9 half- pints of chocolate sauce, 0 failures
Dill Baby Carrots: Check The Canning Diva’s Facebook for information on the carrots.
Tally-Ho! 18 pints of carrots, 0 failures
Pickled Garlic Cloves: Check The Canning Diva’s Facebook for details on the garlic cloves. Preparing the cloves was the hard part and Madeleine & Bridget were big helps.
Tally Ho! 12 pints of garlic cloves, 0 failures
Stay tuned.

Pictured below are Bridgette and Madeleine before starting and cleaning the beans.

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